Weld requirements for large caliber flanges

General lining ring flange welding by manual arc welding,arc road is irregular,lining ring edge easy to burn bite edge,even if the machining can not be eliminated,poor appearance.Due to the general welding of different types of steel,welding difficulty,welding current control is not good,easy to produce edge or not penetration defects. If convex lining ring flange,the weld part to be processed,so that the lining ring and flange between the deposited metal is less.

Large caliber forged flanges

Large caliber forged flanges

Compared with the standard size flange,the requirements for welding seam are more stringent,because the application environment of the large caliber flange has higher requirements for its strength. So the large-caliber detection method is more stringent. In the detection equipment,we often use ultrasonic detection and X-ray detection.For welds of large caliber flanges, 100% ultrasonic or radiographic inspection is required.The purpose of testing is to ensure that the surface of the flange can not have cracks, or reduce the strength of the flange of other defects.

For those large diameter flanges with long diameters, the detection should be carried out under the maximum design working pressure state of 0.8 times of the working pressure, and it is required to pass the inspection of X-ray film 100%. For the test rating and standard, the large flange ultrasonic test grade I is a qualified product, while the X-ray test requirements are grade II.

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