Measurement method of large flange

Large flange refers to the flange that exceeds the size specified by relevant national departments.Generally,it refers to the flange with the size of DN2000 or above.Such products are all welded products, without screw thread.The specifications often used for screw thread products are dn15-dn100.The construction company shall provide drawings for the production of such flange.There are three production processes: forging, rolling and splicing. If the product size is too large,it can only be rolled and spliced.

Before the measurement of large flange, it is necessary to do some preparation work, measure in a certain way and method, and determine different measurement methods according to the specific situation to ensure the accuracy of measurement. The following describes the measurement method of large flange:

Large caliber flat flanges used for wind power industry

Large caliber flat flanges used for wind power industry

1.Preparation before measurement: Before measurement,according to the position of large flange, first draw the sketch of each connecting large flange of the equipment,and number them consecutively,so that the fixture can be installed according to the number,in a certain way and principle,to ensure normal use.

2.Because the large flange may have different outer diameter,staggered joint (not concentric) and unequal gasket thickness during installation, the processed fixture shall be corresponding to the side flange and shall not be interchanged.Therefore,measuring the size and number of each part is the key to fixture processing and installation.

3.When measuring,it is better to arrange three people,two of whom are measuring,one is checking and filling in the form,and the measuring tool is vernier caliper.If there is no condition,external caliper and steel ruler can be used.Measuring is a detailed work,the premise of fixture installation,and the measurement and record must be prepared correctly, When filling in the form, we must be careful and clear. In the actual measurement work, we should cooperate with each other and be able to cooperate and use according to the correct principle.

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