Large diameter flanges order from UAE

The large diameter flanges are used to connect or to block off two very large diameters sized pipes. A large diameter flange is a metal ring that is used to connect valves, pipes, pumps and other equipment that is necessary to form pipelines. The large diameter flange also allows people to have easy inspection, rapid modification, and easy and quick access to clean the pipes.

We can supply large diameter (18″-42″) slip on flange, Lap Joint, weld neck flange, and blind flange in SA105N, in class 150 and 300, and can also source a variety of sizes and classes for longer lead time, from 12″ to 60″.

Large Diameter Flanges order from UAE

Large Diameter Flanges order from UAE

The most typical material used for producing large diameter flanges is carbon steel, which has been forged carefully and the surfaces have been machined.The flanges are made in multiple ways. Nearly every type of flange has a seal attached to it in order to preclude any type of leaks from the pipeline. 

Our team are highly trained and experienced in producing all types of steel supplies. Now we are busy in UAE large diameter flange order. Whether you have similar orders, welcome!