Rolling flange processing technology

Rolling flange processing technology:

The middle plate is first cut into suitable slivers, and the length of the sliver is determined according to the specifications of the large flange. Then, the ring is rolled into a circle, and the joint is welded firmly with the electrode. Then use the press to flatten it,and then use the lathe to process the waterline,chamfering,etc.Finally,the indexing disc is used in conjunction with the drilling machine to process the hole of the bolt hole.

The cost of a rolled flange is lower than that of a forged one. But some oversized flanges are forged. Most of these products are weighed by the theoretical weight. In the calculation, the weight of the water line, the stop, the bolt hole and the chamfer are not reduced. The price of a flat product is lower, but if a large flange with a process such as a dovetail is expensive, the price will be higher. The theoretical weight is calculated according to the above formula.

ANSI/ASME B16.5 Stainless Steel Rolled Forged Ring Flange

ANSI/ASME B16.5 Stainless Steel Rolled Forged Ring Flange

The rolled flange replaces the original steel plate blanking, docking correction, lathe processing and other complicated processes, and saves oxygen, acetylene, labor, raw materials, etc., and the process is simpler. As a connection and support, the products are widely used in the wind turbine, bridge last class, chemical equipment, cable racks, centrifuges and other industries.

The rolled flange is a ring or arc that is directly cold-formed into the required diameter. The roundness is determined according to the customer’s requirements. The customer can directly use it on the cylinder or in the cylinder as a connection. Flange, talking about the support ring, etc., is convenient and inexpensive.

The welding process at the interface of the rolled flange is a top priority, and X-ray or ultrasonic film inspection is required. The interface is done, and the material of the entire flange is no problem. Relatively speaking, the product is thinner, lighter in weight, narrower in one side of the product, and has a higher sealing price, and some of the thicker, heavier, and less cumbersome processing flanges are available.

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