Advantages of Haihao’s high pressure flange

Sealing method: the core of the high-pressure flange is a unique metal to metal new type of sealing, that is, the sealing is formed by the elastic deformation of the sealing lip (T-Arm) of the sealing ring, which belongs to hard sealing. Then, a strong rigid body is formed by the combination of sleeve, ferrule and sealing ring, which makes the strength of the connecting part far greater than the strength of the pipe base material itself. When under pressure, the rib and lip play the roles of strength and sealing respectively, which can not only self tighten and seal, but also reinforce the pipeline, greatly strengthening the overall strength of the connecting parts.

Tensile property: in most cases, the high-pressure flange in the connection can bear tensile load more than the pipe itself; The destructive test proved that the flange was still intact without leakage after the pipeline failed under tensile load.

API 6A Weld Neck Flanges

API 6A Weld Neck Flanges

Bending resistance: a large number of tests show that the high-pressure flange produced by HAIHAO will not leak or loosen when it bears a large bending load. Actual tests show that the high-pressure flange of HAIHAO is welded on the pipe and subjected to multiple cold bends, and the high-pressure flange connection does not leak and the bolts do not loosen.

Compression resistance: in normal pipeline applications, the high-pressure flange will not bear overload compression; When higher compression load occurs, the maximum load on the high-pressure flange is determined by the ultimate strength of the pipe.

Impact resistance: small and compact geometric size, which can withstand the impact force that the traditional high-pressure flange can not bear; The unique metal to metal sealing structure greatly enhances its impact resistance.

Corrosion resistance: different material selection makes its corrosion resistance meet the special corrosion protection requirements of different use environments.

SS316 RTJ Blind Flanges

SS316 RTJ Blind Flanges

Haihao Group has the most advanced production equipment and is capable of producing flanges for various environmental applications, such as high temperature, low temperature, underwater high pressure and other extreme conditions. HAIHAO has rich experience in project cooperation and can meet all your needs.