Something about HIC & SSC double antibody test

The double resistance test refers to the general term of the resistance to HIC and SSC of pressure vessels such as oil pipelines, flanges, valves, automatic instruments, boilers, liquefied gas tanks and metal products, including HIC and SSC.So why do some projects require double antibody detection?

We all know that oil is not pure when it is extracted. In the later stage, we need to go through a series of purification treatments to obtain the oil products we use daily. When the hydrogen sulfide content in the crude oil is too high, it will corrode the pipe products and cause equipment damage. Therefore, these pipe fittings and equipment must be tested before they can be put into use. The double resistance test is conducted by a special testing agency, Haihao Group can cooperate with relevant testing as required, so that customers can rest assured about the use of products. 

HIC and SSC double antibody test

HIC and SSC double antibody test

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