What are the characteristics of marine flange?

Flange is a link element,which is used to connect the valve and the pipeline. That is to say,when the valve is connected with the pipeline,the joint is connected by bolts.Therefore,the two end faces of the valve with n evenly distributed bolt holes are flange type.Flange type: the connection between the valve and the pipeline or machine equipment is made of stainless steel flange,which is generally called flange type.In addition,flange is the translation of flange,which means things and parts with flange. This kind of parts can be independent,that is,flange plate,or combination type. For example,one end or both ends of the pipe have flange,and there are several through holes on the top of the flange,so as to install screws. Some bearing outer rings have flange, and this flange can have holes or not,only for flange positioning Let’s share the application of ship flange.

Weld Neck Flange A105 FF Class 150

Weld Neck Flange A105 FF Class 150

There are many kinds of marine flanges,most of which are widely used in industrial pipelines. According to the medium conditions such as temperature, corrosion and so on, the selection of sealing surface and leak proof gasket is determined. The marine flange is used in marine related systems. The characteristics of marine flange are as follows:

The production method can be divided into pushing, pressing, forging, casting, etc

Carbon steel, cast steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum alloy, plastic, PPC and so on

The manufacturing standards of marine flange can be divided into national standard, American Standard, German standard, Japanese standard, Russian standard, etc

Japanese standard flange specification: 10kg Japanese standard flange and 16KG Japanese standard flange.

In addition, the installation and welding of marine flange need different processes, and the sealing of flange connection must be ensured.

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