Insulating flange

The insulating flange is simple in structure, safe in use and reliable in performance. It is produced for petroleum,chemical and other industries. The insulating flange includes a pair of steel flanges, insulating seals between two flanges, flange fasteners and insulating parts of fasteners, and a pair of steel short pipes welded with two flanges respectively.

insulating flanges

insulating flanges

Insulating flange is a general designation of the flange joint of the pipeline which has both the sealing performance required by the buried steel pipeline and the electrical insulation performance required by the electrochemical corrosion protection project. Insulating flange products have formed a series. In case of special circumstances, they can be designed and manufactured according to the user’s requirements. According to the different insulation seals, the insulation flange can be divided into two types: pressure seal type insulation flange (I-type insulation flange for short) and self tightening seal type insulation flange. Insulating flange is mainly used between gas transmission and distribution pipeline and gas pressure regulating, metering, storage and other equipment. Its main function is to insulate and isolate each section, equipment and pipeline of gas transmission and distribution pipeline, protect them from chemical corrosion, and extend the service life of pipeline and equipment. The product conforms to SY / t0516-1997 technical code for design of insulated flange.

This product is divided into specific pressure seal type insulating flange and self tightening seal type insulating flange according to the different insulation seals.We supply insulation flanges in different dimensions,standards,materials,if you want  to know more about our products,please email to


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