Features and specifications for insulating flanges

The insulating flanges are specially designed and produced for petroleum, chemical and other industries related.With their simple structures, safe operations and reliable performance, they have always enjoyed eat popularity among all customers. These insulating flanges have already matured and in case of any special requirement ,they may be customized upon all customer’s demands.

insulating flanges

insulating flanges

Features for insulating flanges:

1. With electrical insulation properties of electro-corrosion pipes;

2. With durable and reliable performance at a designed temperature and pressure for pipeline mediums,sufficient strength and good air-proof ability;

3. With rational structure, easy assembly disassembly and replacement.

Insulating Flanges

Insulating Flanges

Mainly specification for insulating flanges:

1、Suitable for natural gas, city gas, LPG and gently oil;

2、Medium temperature:-10℃~ + 60℃;

3、Ambient temperature:-20℃~ + 60℃;

4、Insulating resistance:≥500KΩ;

5、Breakdown voltage:≥3KV;

6、Pressure range:PN0.6MPa, PN1.0MPa, PN1.6MPa, PN2.5MPa

7、Specs: DN50-DN1200 (2″~48″)

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