How to pack a shipping container with steel pipe fitting and flange?

Have you ever had that happen to you?When you open the door of the container,the goods in front of you are in a mess, like the scene of a car accident.

Will you feel miserable?

Bad shipment

Bad shipment

So how do you solve this problem?

  1. Individual packaging must be done well.The tray and the base of the wooden case must be strong and firm, and the plastic film must be tightly wrapped, with more layers.Make more straps for reinforcement.
  2. Reinforce the inside of the container to prevent the shaking caused by collision and other reasons in transportation, which may cause the packaging to be scattered.

These years, our company pays special attention to the packing problem, early introduced the wrapping machine, which is more effective and stronger than the artificial wrapping machine.And each package is not too heavy, to ensure the forklift easy to operate, but also to avoid a single package is too heavy because of the packaging broken.We usually use plywood wooden cases for towing and row, but sometimes we also use solid wooden cases.

Pack steel pipe fitting and flange with a shipping container

Pack steel pipe fitting and flange with a shipping container


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