Introduction of marine flange packing

Flange packing is a unique solution to the corrosion problem for a long time.Suitable for 80°C temperature.

Flange filler is a kind of coating based on composite polar polymer. The paste form allows it to be used without pretreatment. Viscoelastic formulations allow this material to flow into spacing and voids, creating an excellent anti-corrosion seal.

Flange packing saves time and money because it is easy to use. Provide long-term protection for marine flange.

Haihao Group finished GOST 12820-80 slip on flanges for Rumaila oilfield in Iraq

Haihao Group finished GOST 12820-80 slip on flanges for Rumaila oilfield in Iraq

Performances: Excellent bonding to steel, FBE (melted epoxy powder), polyurethane, polyethylene advanced resistance weathering/salt resistance temperature range from – 51°C to 80°C filling the entire void can be removed/reused flange surface without excessive pretreatment, manual or pneumatic gun injection with flexible nozzle. This ensures that the annular gap is fully filled before sealing with CZ winding tape.

E-2400/E2000 high temperature flange packing is suitable for 149°C  temperature.

E-2400/E2000 high temperature anti-corrosive flange packing is designed to protect flange connections from corrosion at 149°C high temperature.

E-2400/E2000 is an anti-corrosive protection of steel flanges, bolts, pipes and structures with a gel in a non electrolytic manner.

ASTM-B1117 salt spray test was used to test the assembly of nuts and bolts for 2000 hours. The area protected by E2000/2400 can still be rotated by hand. Correct use of E2000/2400 helps to protect flanged connections from corrosion.

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