Good packing makes us get praise from customers

When customers receive our flanges, the first thing they notice is definitely the outer packaging of the flange, and then they are observing whether they are intact, and finally the quality. So what are the issues in the flange packaging?

There are two types of flange: metal flange and non-metal flange. Before long-term storage, the metal flange shall be coated with grease and the storage space shall be dry to prevent rust. Each flange should be stored separately, because the metal materials of different materials and batches will be corroded and rusted quickly due to the electrochemical effect. Nonmetal flange is generally used for anticorrosion, it will not rust itself, but it should be prevented from mechanical damage and deformation.

ASTM A105 steel flanges packed in our factory

ASTM A105 steel flanges packed in our factory

The factory production period is tight, and the flange is dipped in paint for a short drying time. It is reminded that the factory must be separated by plastic film to prevent adhesion and affect the appearance of the flange.

When packing in wooden box, reminding the factory that the outer packaging needs to be wrapped,to prevent the flanges in the wooden boxes from rusting due to the large salt content in the sea during the shipping.

Weld neck flange packing

Weld neck flange packing

For the packaging of large-size flange (especially butt welding flange),it must be noted that the groove of flange platform and flange diameter cannot be collided,which will affect the appearance and use.If conditions permit,the middle part shall be separated by wood plate.

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