Function and application of Tubesheet

Tubesheet is a kind of round steel, which is used to fix the tube and seal the medium in the heat exchanger. It is a kind of fitting which can weld and fix the pipe.

Tubesheet SA266 GR 2N

Tubesheet SA266 GR 2N

Item: Tubesheet、1255mm*110mm、SA266 GR.2N

The precision of tubesheet processing, especially the pipe hole spacing and pipe diameter tolerance, perpendicularity and finish, greatly affects the assembly and service performance of the above listed chemical equipment.

Tubesheet is widely used in tubular heat exchanger, boiler, pressure vessel, steam turbine, large central air conditioning and other industries.

It is mainly used in chemical vessels, such as tubular heat exchanger, pressure vessel, boiler, condenser, central air conditioner, evaporator and seawater desalination, to support and fix the tubes. The metal material makes it not only have strong rigidity, but also have great heat conduction performance.

According to the different use environment, different materials are used. Q345R vessel plates are generally used, such as primary and secondary pressure vessels. If there is no corrosive medium flow, carbon steel composite plate can be used. In the environment of strong acid, high pressure, high temperature and nuclear energy, we need stainless steel, 16 manganese, titanium alloy and other corrosion-resistant materials. The application of new synthetic materials brings new vitality to tubesheet products.

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