Tubesheet protection operation process

Tubesheets are widely used in chemical containers, such as tube-and-tube heat exchangers, pressure vessels, boilers, condensers, central air conditioners, evaporators, seawater desalination, to support the fixed tube, the metal material makes it not only has a strong rigidity, but also has a large heat conduction performance.

Tubesheet protection operation process: and equipment:

sandblasting equipment, protective canvas or plastic cloth, cork, alcohol or acetone, scraper, screw, garbage bag, hand drill, working power, rubber gloves, helmet, protective glasses, wipes ,brush.

SA516 Gr 70N tube sheet for heat exchangers finished in Haihao Group

SA516 Gr 70N tube sheet for heat exchangers finished in Haihao Group


Step 1: Open the condenser end cap: Dry the water in surface and inside of the pipe with a blower and blower, then plug the sprue with a cork and cover the flange to ensure that the nozzle is not damaged by grit blasting.Then use a cork stopper to block the spout and cover the edge to ensure that the nozzle is not damaged by grit blasting.

Step 2: Sandblasting: Cover it with canvas or others to prevent the sprayed sand from soiling other equipment during sandblasting. Quartz sand or silicon carbide is used for sand blasting, which can produce a 4 mil surface without generating more dust until the base metal color appears. Remove the cork after sandblasting.

Step 3: Solution cleaning: clean the impurities and oil on the metal surface with acetone.

Step 4: Scribble material: first use the polymer repair material metal repair material to fill the pitted part of the inner wall of the condenser tube plate, so as to avoid eddy current in the water during work until the required flat is met.The polymeric fluid protection material is then evenly applied to the entire surface to be repaired.Pay special attention to the joint between the sheet and the tube to achieve the purpose of sealing and plugging./

Step 5: Solidify: solidify according to the solidify requirements of the material, after the solidify is finished, it can be put into production operation.

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