Which flange should be selected in high pressure and corrosion environment?

In some high pressure and high corrosion environments,usually stainless steel flange cannot be used,because it is difficult to ensure the sealing of flange for corrosion,so there are two types of flange commonly used, insulation flange and carbon steel flange. Here we share the characteristics of insulation flange and carbon steel flange.   

Firstly, the insulating flange is a general designation for the flange joint of the pipeline which has both the sealing performance required by the buried steel pipeline and the electrical insulation performance required by the electrical corrosion protection engineering. It consists of a pair of steel flanges, insulating seals between two flanges, flange fasteners and insulating parts of fasteners, and a pair of steel short pipes welded with two flanges respectively.

insulating flanges

insulating flanges

Insulated flange and insulated joint are products produced for petroleum, chemical industry and other industries. They are simple in structure, safe in use, reliable in performance and widely praised by users. Insulation flange products have formed a series, when there are special circumstances, can be designed and manufactured according to user requirements, so it has a strong flexibility.

ASTM A350 LF2 Blind Flanges In Haihao Flange Factory

ASTM A350 LF2 Blind Flanges In Haihao Flange Factory

Then there is the carbon steel flange, which is a stainless steel flange made of carbon steel material, also known as flange plate, which is a kind of fitting used to connect pipes. There are three connection modes: welding, screw thread and clamp. The production process includes forging, casting, plate rolling, plate cutting, etc. Among them, forging price is high, medium plate products are second, and casting products are low. In terms of quality, the forging is good, the rolling is second, and the casting is cheap. But forged products can’t make too big products. The material of carbon steel flange is Q235B, 20 × 16 manganese, 45 steel, Q345B, etc.

Therefore, both insulated flange and carbon steel flange have their own limitations and are applied in specific fields. When selecting flange, you need to clear what you need.


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