Stainless steel flange storage tips

Stainless steel flange is a very superior piping components, because the performance of the stainless steel itself advantage, so let the application of stainless steel flange very extensive, the corrosion resistance of the stainless steel flange is very good, especially the direct application of can in some more complex environment, and among the large pipeline construction, we can often see the figure of stainless steel flange. Although stainless steel flange has a good performance, but in the production of preservation also need to pay attention to a few things.

Common stainless steel flanges have stainless steel flat welding flange, stainless steel butt welding flange, stainless steel ring loose sleeve flange, the specific flange storage skills are as follows.

ANSI ASME B16.5 304 raised face plain flanges

ANSI ASME B16.5 304 raised face plain flanges

After the production of stainless steel flange, must be completely sealed flange, in the sealing must be careful, so as to prevent the occurrence of corrosion of the flange;

In the custody of the stainless steel flange, it is better to use three layers of canvas packaging sealing, so that can be very good to avoid the occurrence of metal oxidation phenomenon; The shelf of stainless steel flange had better be made with the same material as the flange, put in a dry and ventilated environment, can avoid the stainless steel flange by other metal pollution.

Stainless steel in transport must avoid collision, but in this step also need to seal, because only sealed, reduce the contact between the flange itself and oxygen can save the flange for a long time, to maintain the performance of the stainless steel flange.

In short, when saving stainless steel flange need to pay attention to three points, respectively is sealed to save, avoid moisture, avoid impact, so as to effectively protect the performance of stainless steel flange. Haihao Group welcomes you to come to exchange the storage method of stainless steel flange, at the same time, we also welcome customers to come to buy all types of stainless steel flange.


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