Seamless rolled ring forging process

The seamless rolled ring forging process begins by cutting the size of the initial stock of the required material and then surrounding it on an open die press.The rounded piece is upset and then punched to make a predie.A preformed piece is a ring forging ready to be placed on a ring mill.In a ring mill, the axial roller controls the height of the ring ingot, and the idler exerts pressure on the driving roller to the ring ingot.These forces reduce the wall thickness and height of the rolled ring, while increasing the ring diameter…Until you reach the right size.The plumber forging seamless rolling rings are available from an almost unlimited combination of sizes and grades, including carbon and alloy steels, stainless steels and other customer specific grades.

Rolled ring forging flange

Rolled ring forging flange

Applications of rolling rings range from ring gears for industrial and agricultural equipment to bearings and flanges.Rolling ring assemblies can be found in power plants, chemical plants, cargo ships, cargo ships and wind mills.Connect with our piping manufacturing company today and find out how we can help you meet your piping working needs! Email:


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