Haihao Group delivers slip on flanges for marine pipeline systems

Haihao Group, a trailblazer in providing top-quality solutions for diverse industries, is thrilled to announce a significant accomplishment in the maritime sector. Our recent collaboration with a leading domestic shipyard has led to the production of over 3000 meticulously crafted slip on(SO) flange ASME B16.5 CL150 RF ASTM A105. These exceptional flanges are destined to play a vital role in the shipyard’s ongoing projects.

Excellence in Design and Functionality

The slip on flange ASME B16.5 CL150 RF ASTM A105 is a true testament to precision engineering. Crafted with uncompromising attention to detail, these flanges boast remarkable durability, leak-proof performance, and seamless fitment. Their compliance with the ASME B16.5 standard ensures a consistent and reliable connection within marine pipeline systems.

slip on flange ASME B16.5 CL150 RF CS A105HDG

slip on flange ASME B16.5 CL150 RF CS A105HDG

Versatility in Maritime Applications

These high-quality slip on flanges are specifically designed to excel in a range of maritime applications. Their primary deployment will be in critical areas such as the main deck’s exterior, encompassing the vessel’s essential systems. These systems include the external domestic wastewater system, non-hazardous open discharge system, and the crucial engine room drainage system.

Fulfilling Maritime Imperatives

Our collaboration with the shipyard is a significant stride toward enhancing maritime operations. By supplying these advanced slip on flanges, we are directly contributing to the efficiency, safety, and overall integrity of marine pipeline systems. The durability of the materials ensures longevity, even in the demanding marine environment.

A Trusted Partner in Maritime Development

Haihao Group takes immense pride in actively participating in the advancement of marine vessel pipeline systems. Our tailored solutions, backed by precision engineering, have garnered widespread recognition from industry experts. This recent order is a testament to the trust and confidence that our clients place in our products.

Forward Momentum in Maritime Excellence

As we move forward, Haihao Group remains committed to delivering solutions that set industry benchmarks. Our collaboration with the shipyard is a testament to our dedication to innovation, quality, and seamless integration within the maritime sector. With every project we undertake, we continue to shape the future of marine pipeline systems and elevate maritime operations to new heights.