Protecting flanges effective measures for corrosion prevention and leak resistance

Flanges, crucial components in various industries, play a pivotal role in connecting pipes and ensuring seamless fluid transportation. To maintain their functionality and longevity, it’s essential to implement robust corrosion prevention and leak resistance measures. In this article, we explore a range of strategies to safeguard flanges from corrosive forces and potential leaks, ensuring the integrity of systems and environments.

ASTM A105N B16.11 Galvanized Threaded Flanges

ASTM A105N B16.11 Galvanized Threaded Flanges

Corrosion Prevention Measures:

1.Anti-Corrosion Paint:

Anti-corrosion paints, commonly composed of epoxy or polyurethane coatings, create a hard film that adheres directly to the substrate. However, flanges’ complex shapes can pose challenges in achieving complete coverage, particularly around edges and corners. Thicker coatings can protect edges, but they might hinder maintenance due to sealing effects on fasteners.

Flange products painting with red oxide primer

Flange products painting with red oxide primer

2.Thermoplastic Solutions:

Thermoplastic solutions involve applying a heated wax-like polymer to the substrate. This method offers the advantage of reusability, as the polymer can be remelted and reused. However, it requires specialized equipment and hot work operations.

3.Tape or Semi-Solid Solutions:

Rolled tape, such as grease tape or elastic polymer wrapping tape, effectively protects flanges by offering reliable corrosion protection. Nonetheless, this method might be time-consuming and challenging for complex flange shapes.

4.Peelable Sealing Membrane System:

An innovative solution, the peelable sealing membrane system utilizes polymers with toughness and elasticity. It can be peeled off without tearing, and it’s free from isocyanates and toxic metal catalysts. However, it might be susceptible to detachment.

5.Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) Bags:

VCI bags envelop flanges using low-permeability polymers, corrosion inhibitor vapor, and desiccant. While convenient, VCI bags can accumulate moisture in the internal vapor space and have limitations in durability.



Leak Resistance Measures:

(1)Gasket Sealing:

Using appropriate gaskets between flange joints ensures leak resistance. These gaskets are designed to provide a secure seal and prevent fluid leakage, even under high pressures.

(2)Fastening Techniques:

Proper torque application during fastening is essential to avoid leaks. Over-tightening or uneven torque distribution can compromise the integrity of the connection.

Safeguarding flanges from corrosion and leaks requires a multi-faceted approach that combines various protective measures. Whether through anti-corrosion paint, thermoplastic solutions, or advanced systems like peelable sealing membranes, each method contributes to extending flange lifespan and maintaining system efficiency. Leak resistance, on the other hand, involves meticulous gasket selection and precise fastening techniques. Embracing these measures ensures that flanges function optimally, upholding the reliability and safety of fluid transportation systems. At Haihao Group, we offer a range of advanced solutions tailored to each project’s unique needs, safeguarding your operations against corrosion and leaks.