Flange gasket performance and selection

As we all know, the main factors affecting flange seal are: bolt preload,sealing surface form,gasket performance,flange stiffness,operating conditions.

Gasket compression and resilience is a necessary condition for flange sealing. Gasket deformation includes elastic deformation and plastic deformation, only the elastic deformation has the ability to rebound, rebound ability of the gasket, can better compensate the flange face separation, adapt to the fluctuation of operating pressure and operating temperature, so the sealing performance is good. The plastic deformation capacity of the gasket surface is also very important. It can fill the microscopic roughness on the end face well, so as to achieve the initial seal between the flanges.(Flange gasket sealing mechanism)

Asbestos rubber gaskets finished in Haihao Group

Asbestos rubber gaskets finished in Haihao Group

The choice of flange gasket material mainly depends on the following three factors: temperature, pressure,medium.Customers can follow the following basic principles when selecting gaskets:

  1. Good compression and elastic resilience, able to adapt to temperature and pressure fluctuations;
  2. Good plasticity, able to fit well with flange sealing surface;  
  3. For some metal (such as austenitic stainless acid-resistant steel) flanges prone to stress corrosion cracking, it shall be ensured that the gasket material does not contain excessive impurities causing various kinds of corrosion, such as controlling the content of chloride ion in the gasket to corrode the flange;
  4. No pollution medium;
  5. For the sealing of highly toxic chemicals, the gasket shall be required to have greater safety; For piping systems transporting flammable liquids, the maximum operating pressure and maximum operating temperature for gaskets on flanges shall be within the limits;
  6. Not easy to harden at low temperature, small shrinkage, not easy to soften at high temperature, good creep resistance;
  7. Good processing performance, easy installation and pressing;
  8. Non-adhesive flange sealing surface, easy to remove.
Graphite flange gaskets used in pipeline

Graphite flange gaskets used in pipeline

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