Flange gasket sealing mechanism

The leakage occurs when the medium flows through the interface of inner and outer space. The root cause of leakage is the gap on the contact surface, and the difference in pressure and concentration between the two sides of the contact surface is the driving force of the leakage.

In order to reduce the leakage, the contact surface must be integrated to the greatest extent, that is, the cross-sectional area of the leakage channel should be reduced, the leakage resistance should be increased, and the leakage force should be greater than the leakage force. The contact degree of the sealing surface can be improved by applying compression load to the sealing surface to generate compression tension. When the stress increases enough to cause the surface to produce obvious plastic deformation, the gap of the sealing surface can be filled and the leakage channel can be blocked.

Metallic gaskets

Metallic gaskets

The sealing mechanism of flange gasket static seal can be divided into the following two situations:

1.initial seal

In the assembly of the flange gasket can be completed initial seal, tighten bolts pressure washers, basic condition that should make for initial seal between the sealing surface to produce enough pressure, namely prestressing stress gaskets gasket materials may be compressed elastic compression deformation or elastic-plastic compression deformation, can fill the flange sealing surface rough, plug interface leak path so as to achieve the initial containment requirements.  

The pre-tightening stress of the gasket depends on the compaction performance of the gasket material. All the sealing compaction force comes from the initial tightening force of the bolt. Meanwhile, the flange should have sufficient strength and sufficient stiffness to prevent deflection or warping deformation.

Asbestos rubber gaskets finished in Haihao Group

Asbestos rubber gaskets finished in Haihao Group

2.working seal

In the system of flange, gasket and bolt after pre-tightening, the two sealing faces of a pair of flanges will be forced to separate relatively when subjected to the pressure of working medium. At this time, the gasket should have sufficient rebound deformation to compensate for the separation.

In addition, the gasket requires the ability to maintain sufficient residual gasket stress (compressive stress) at the sealing interface to maintain the seal in order to seal the fluid medium.

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