Difference between raised face and male face flange

According to the different types of flange sealing surface,the commonly used flange has raised face flange(RF),flat/plain face flange(FF),ring type joint flange(RTJ),male and female face flange,tongue groove face flange.

The sealing surface of the raised flange is flat, and the contact area with the gasket is large, after pre-tightening,the gasket is easy to extend or move to both sides, poor sealing, only suitable for low-pressure occasions. Male and female face flange, groove face flange sealing better, suitable for higher pressure occasions.

Flange raised face and male face distinction:

Firstly,the height of raised plat form (convex platform) should be seen.Raised face is highlighted by 2mm,while M/FM is more prominent;

The second is to see whether there is an anti-skid ring on the raised surface (convex surface), the former has, the latter does not. Raised face mainly depends on 2mm compression gasket. M/FM is sealed against concave and convex surfaces

Finally, the two flange connections are different. RF is a raised face flange,matching flange form is the same, also is a raised face flange. And male face flange in use must be paired with female flange use, there is a male mother, (its gasket for concave and convex surface gasket without male mother), similar to the tenon groove surface. And male face and female face flange is generally used for high, extremely harmful medium or high design pressure conditions.


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