What are spade and ring spacer flanges?

Spade and ring spacer flanges are basically the same as spectacle blind flange,except that they are not attached to each other.Spades and ring spacers be applied in systems where maintenance is often not necessary,or in applications with large pipe sizes.Depending on the flange size and the pressure class,spades can weigh hundreds of pounds.To prevent unnecessary weight to a flange connections,usually will be chosen not for a spectacle blind,but for 2 separate parts-spade and ring spacer.

ASTM A105 ASME B16.48 spade flanges

ASTM A105 ASME B16.48 spade flanges

A flange spade,otherwise called steel”blanking spade”,”single-blind”,”blank” or “paddle blind”,is a metallic ring used to isolate a pipe,it is a blind plate with a handle.It has a same usage with the blind part of a spectacle blind flange.

Ring spacer looks like a steel ring with a handle plate.The spacer has a same usage with the ring part of a spectacle blind flange.The spacer has a same outer diameter with the spade flange.Spacer flange is machined from a single piece of metal that is cut to match the pipe size,fit between two pipe flanges and requires an additional gasket when it is installed.

The spade or spacer is fitted in the line between two flanges and is bolted in place.The spacer is used when the line is required open and the paddle blind or spade is installed when the line is required blocked or closed.To change it from open to closed,only half the bolts need to be removed and the spade or spacer is swapped over. The removed bolts are then installed and tightened.The handle protrudes from the pipe and provides an indicator of whether a spade or spacer is installed.

For smaller spades and spacers it is common for the spacer to have a hole in the handle and the spade or paddle blind to have no hole.For larger sizes spectacle blinds can be very bulky and occupy a lot of space so spades and spacers are preferred.

Also,the bolts will need to be lengthened depending on what piping class and size blind is used.The thickness of the spectacle blind is specified based on the line pressure and pipe size.

ASTM A105 ASME B16.48 Ring Spacer Flanges

ASTM A105 ASME B16.48 Ring Spacer Flanges

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Haihao Group manufacture forged flanges more than 30 years in China,our flange products contain spade and ring spacer flanges,we can provide a complete and best quality range of spades and ring spacer flanges in different sizes,materials,standards,all spades and ring spacer flanges are individually covered so that the premium quality of materials is retained and there are no damages in the last stages of production.The flange spades and ring spacers are often manufactured according to the ASME B16.48 specification.

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