Custom swivel flange inquiry

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of forged flanges, we often receive requests for flanges used in complex or extreme conditions. We have long been used to assist customers to solve the problems of the application of Flange in various pipelines. Recently, we received an inquiry and help for a custom swivel flange.

This kind of swivel flange is designed for a fixed marine platform for oil and gas project closed to the Arctic Circle. The flanges will be used to connect the pipelines which include the subsea sections and the land sections. The flange material is ASTM A694 F52, it has a high strength property and good performance in low temperature situation.

Swivel flange drawing

Swivel flange drawing

After receiving the customer’s technical requirements, the engineers of our technical department conducted a comprehensive inspection and evaluation, and finally confirmed that we are fully capable of producing these special flanges. Therefore, we had a complete technical discussion with the customer and prepared for the next step.

No matter onshore or offshore pipeline products,our company has adequate designing and manufacturing experience. Welcome to contact us for further technical discussion and inquiry.


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