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Haihao Group is an excellent company in the field of carbon steel flanges,carbon steel fittings and low temperature carbon steel fittings and flanges.Our rich technical experience and organized production procedures has helped us become one of the most trusted supplier of carbon steel fittings and flanges to large shipyards,fabrication companies,chemical plants,oil refineries etc.

ASTM A694 standard specification for carbon steel and alloy steel.ASTM A694 specification covers forged or rolled steel pipe flanges,forged fittings for using with high pressure transmission service pipe.The ASTM A694 products inclued flanges,fittings and similar parts ordered either to dimensions specified by the purchaser or to ASME or MSS dimensional standards.

ASTM A694 Carbon Steel Flanges

ASTM A694 Carbon Steel Flanges

Our ASTM A694 flanges contain:weld neck flange,slip on flange,blind flange,plate flange,threaded flange,socket weld flange,lap joint flange,long weld neck flange,orifice flange,spectacle blind flange,anchor flange,reducing flange,flange olet and tube sheet.

We are specialized in offering ASTM A694 Flanges which are used in various engineering applications and can be availed in various grade like ASTM A694 F42 Flanges,ASTM A694 F46 Flange,ASTM A694 F52 Flanges,ASTM A694 F56 Flanges,ASTM A694 F60 Flanges,ASTM A694 F65 Flanges,ASTM A694 F70 Flanges,these grades are avaliable in the form of carbon steel flanges.

ASTM A694 F52 1500LB 8inch Weld Neck Flange

ASTM A694 F52 1500LB 8inch Weld Neck Flange

Haihao Group manufacture ASTM A694 flanges from 1/2″ to 96″,and the products standard contain: ANSI/ASME B16.5,B16.9,B16.11,B16.28,B16.47;API;MSS-SP44,SP75,SP-95,SP-97 and so on.(ANSI/ASME Flange Standard)

Tensile Requirement:

Grade Yield Strength(0.2%
Tensile Strength,

Elongation in 2
in. or 50mm,

F42 42[290] 60[415] 20
F46 46[315] 60[415] 20
F48 48[330] 62[425] 20
F50 50[345] 64[440] 20
F52 52[360] 66[455] 20
F56 56[385] 68[470] 20
F60 60[415] 75[515] 20
F65 65[450] 77[530] 20
F70 70[485] 82[565] 18

Chemical Requirements:

Composition, %
  Heat Analysis Product Analysis
Carbon, max 0.26 0.265
Manganese, max 1.60 1.64
Phosphorus, max 0.025 0.030
Sulfur, max 0.025 0.030
Silicon 0.15-0.35 0.10-0.40



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