Laser cutting method of welding-neck flange

Welding-Neck flange is a kind of pipe fittings, which refers to the flange with neck and transition of round pipe and Welding-Neck connection with pipe.

Welding-Neck flange is not easy to deform, well sealed and widely used. It has corresponding rigid and elastic requirements and reasonable Welding-Neck thinning transition. The distance between the welding joint and the joint surface is large, and the joint surface is free from welding temperature deformation. It adopts a more complex trumpet structure, which is suitable for pipelines with large fluctuation of pressure or temperature or pipelines with high temperature, high pressure and low temperature. It is generally used for pipelines with PN greater than 2.5MPa Pipeline and valve connection; also used to transport expensive, flammable, explosive media on the pipeline.

In the process of processing, the performance parameters of Welding-Neck flange are strictly controlled in the process of consumer manufacturing and electric welding, so as to ensure the full use of effectiveness and application value in consumer manufacturing and application.

API 6A Weld Neck Flanges

API 6A Weld Neck Flanges

If a certain section of carbon steel flange connected pipe is damaged, it can be easily removed and replaced. In this way, there is no need to dismantle and replace all the pipe systems; under the condition of pipe maintenance and inspection, the pipe can be removed and inspected section by section.

In that way, the inspection speed and accuracy are improved. Carbon steel flange has different strength and pressure strength in application and consumption manufacturing, and can give full play to different effects and application value in application. Flange with different pressure strength will present different characteristics and advantages in application.

The high carbon steel has good plastic deformation and low compressive strength. After adding proper amount of carbon element, it will become more and more hard. The plastic deformation reduces and the compressive strength improves. The looper flange may need to bear the tension, pressure, torsion and tensile strength of the conditioner. Carbon steel flange is a good choice.

welding flange pipe with neck

welding flange pipe with neck

In the detailed consumption manufacturing and research and development of Welding-Neck flange, different methods and processing technologies should be selected to carry out manufacturing and consumption manufacturing, and the processing methods and basic principles should be followed to form the key application value and effect on different levels.

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