What’s the common problems in flange use?

During flange casting, liquid metal is filled into the mold and solidified during rotation.Flange casting has the following characteristics: liquid metal can form a mold with a freely selected hollow cylinder surface, so that the hollow casting does not have a core, thus greatly simplifying the production and management of sleeves, pipes, and casting process, with high production efficiency and low cost.Due to the flange’s influence on force, improved filling conditions, gas and nonmetallic inclusions easily exit liquid or metal, and flange’s compact structure, shrinkage defects such as holes, air holes, and inclusions, better mechanical properties.The high utilization rate of metal equipment is realized by eliminating or greatly saving the metal consumption of pouring and riser.Since the liquid exerts flange force on the metal in different rotation ways, the flange casting process can improve the filling capacity of the metal.Therefore, flange casting can be used to produce alloys and thin-walled castings with poor social mobility.

Large Flanges

Large Flanges

If the flange leakage can not be dealt with in time, the leakage will expand rapidly under the erosion of the medium, causing material loss, damaging the production environment, leading to the company to stop production, causing huge economic losses.If the major accident is the leakage of toxic, flammable, explosive medium, it may also cause poisoning, fire or explosion.In modern industry, the corrosion of the medium, temperature, pressure, vibration and other factors will inevitably lead to flange leakage.Flange leakage is easy to occur due to sealing surface size error, aging seal, improper installation and tightening.

In some traditional enterprises, the solution to flange leakage is to replace the sealing element and use sealant, or replace the flange and pipe.However, the study of this method has great limitations.Part of the leakage is restricted by the safety of work and living environment, which eliminates the potential safety hazards and saves more maintenance costs for enterprises.We can now use polymer composite plugging fluid, which is a very ideal method, especially in flammable and explosive environment has shown its unique advantages.Polymer composite technology has the advantages of simple construction process, safety and low cost.

This is also true for large flange connections.The real meaning of using flange is that it has good sealing performance, which can effectively ensure the smooth flow and sealing of the whole pipe.It can not only improve the efficient sealing performance of pipelines, but also facilitate effective disassembly, secondary use and cleaning.Of course, flanges are an unusual product.Flanges are divided into different pressure classes, different pipe pressures, matching equipment or vessels, matching materials and pipe joints.Flange is an indispensable accessory in the project, which plays a very important role.


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