Spiral wound gaskets installing and purchased

It is necessary to purchase metal wound gaskets suitable for the current working conditions according to the conditions of the working conditions and the flange sealing surface type. When purchasing, try to use the products of the production enterprise with sound and effective operation of the quality management system.It is best to use the products of the enterprise that hold the manufacturing license for special equipment (pressure piping components) and the effective type test report.

316L spiral wound gasket Finished in Haihaopiping Group

316L spiral wound gasket Finished in Haihaopiping Group

The non-metallic strip on the surface of the metal wound gasket should be evenly and appropriately raised beyond the metal strip. The texture between the layers should be clear,but the metal strip should not be exposed.The spacing of the solder joints of the metal wound gasket should be uniform,and there should be no defects such as unfusion or over-melting.The surface of the reinforcing ring shall be free from defects such as burrs,irregularities, rust spots,etc.

Compression ratio,rebound rate and sealing performance are important performance indicators for sealing metal wound gaskets.Generally speaking, under the premise of meeting the compression ratio requirements,the higher the rebound rate,the better;under the premise of the rate standard requirements,the test value of the compression ratio is also larger.Products with good sealing performance,moderate compression ratio and maximum resilience should be selected.

spiral wound gaskets

spiral wound gaskets

Spiral wound gaskets have been used more and more widely in modern industry. In order to ensure a safer environment and avoid unnecessary accidents.Pay attention to the following points when installing spiral wound gaskets:

  1. Carefully check the quality of flanges, bolts, nuts and gaskets before installation, carefully check the installation of flanges or interfaces, and have defects such as eccentricity, misalignment, opening, and wrong holes.
  2. The surface of the flange or sealing part must be cleaned. The surface of the spiral wound gasket and the bolts and threads are not allowed to adhere to mechanical impurities.
  3. spiral wound gasket can not be biased, should ensure uniform pressure.
  4. When the nut is tightened, the applied force is uniform, and the bolt should be symmetrically evenly divided into 2 to 3 times to make the spiral wound gasket evenly pressed.

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