Introduction of duplex stainless steel flanges

Duplex stainless steel (DSS) refers to the stainless steel with ferrite and austenite accounting for about 50% respectively.Generally,the stainless steel with fewer phases needs to reach 30% at least.When the content of C is low,the content of Cr is 18%~28%,and the content of Ni is 3%~10%.Some steels also contain alloying elements such as Mo,Cu,Nb,Ti and N.Compared with ferrite,this kind of steel has higher plasticity, toughness,no room temperature brittleness,better corrosion resistance and maintains 475 brittleness and high thermal conductivity of ferrite stainless steel.Compared with austenitic stainless steel,it has higher strength, better resistance to corrosion and chloride stress corrosion.Their excellent strength and corrosion resistance make the flanges win the favor of customers with low cost and high quality.

Stainless steel SS316 weld neck flanges and slip on flanges

Stainless steel SS316 weld neck flanges and slip on flanges

Here are the specifications:

Standard ANSI/ASME B16.5,ANSI/ASME B16.36,ANSI/ASME B16.47,ANSI/ASME B16.48
Diameter 1/2″-24″;DN15-DN600
Pressure class 150,300,600,900,1500,2500
Seal Face Flat face(FF),raised face(RF),ring type joint(RTJ)
Thickness Schedule 10,20,40,80,120,160,XS,XXS,STD
Duplex Stainless Steel ASTM A182 F51,F53,F55,S 31803,S 32205,S 32550,S 32750,S 32760
Flange Type Weld neck flange,slip on flange,socket weld flange,threaded flange,blind flange,socket weld flange,plate flange,orifice flange,spectacle blind flange,spade and spacer,etc.

The materials are mainly made in ASTM A182.This standard includes chemical composition, mechanical properties, heat treatment, testing and other relevant specifications of manufacturing. Common used grades are A182 F51, F53, F55 and F60.

Forged flange is common in piping system with the advantages of simple to install,detachable and leak proof.Duplex stainless steel flanges have many advantages: High yield strength and good toughness, excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking, high corrosion resistance and excellent welding performance.

ASTM A182 F304 flangeolet

ASTM A182 F304 flangeolet

Haihao Group manufacture forged flange more than 30 years,we supply flanges according to international standards ANSI/ASME B16.5,B16.36,B16.47,B16.48,BS 4504,DIN EN 1092,JIS B2220,GOST,UNI,SABS,etc.The materials contain carbon steel,stainless steel,alloy steel.If you want to know more about our pipeline products,please email


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