Expander Flanges

Haihao Group manufacture standard flange products but also specialty flanges such as expander flanges.Expander flange is a special purpose industrial pipe flange designed to provide expanded connections to adjoining pipe or fittings.

Carbon Steel Expander Flanges

Carbon Steel Expander Flanges

What is an expander flange?

An expander flange looks like a weld neck flange,but it has the hub expanding to a large size(one or two sizes).It is designed to transfer stresses to the pipe,thereby reducing high stress concentrations at the base of the flange.It is used to increase pipe size at the flange connection.

Expander flanges are also known as a cost effective alternative to using a separate reducer-welding neck flange combination.The expander flange is available in a range of sizes and materials.We manufacture & supply expander flanges with different materials such as carbon steel,stainless steel,alloy steel.

We manufacture & supply expander flanges in nominal size 2″-30″ and pressure up to 6000# to meet your piping needs.

Applications of expander flange:

The expander flanges can be used to connect pipe to pumps,compressors and valves.Expander flanges are made for the special requirements of oil&gas,chemical process industries,electronics,paper&pulp,offshore&onshore platforms and other industries.


The expander flanges are packed with plastic cover to ensure the integrity of sealing surface and put in wooden cases or pallets to products during transportation to prevent bumps,scratches and other situations encountered or as per customer requirement.

Surface Treatment:

The surface treatment for the expander flanges could be black/yellow paint,varnish,anti-rust oil,galvanized,epoxy coating or as for clients’ requirements.

Haihao Group manufacture forged flanges,butt welding pipe fittings,forged pipe fittings and steel pipes in different standards,sizes and materials,if you want to know more about our piping products,please email us:sales@haihaogroup.com

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