Production Limitation Lead to the Crazily Rising of Price

It is well know that air pollution in China is very serious.Chinese government has begun to improve the environment in recent years. Many enterprises which not environmental are limited production by government.Especially in winter, coal-fired heating in many areas has made the environment worse and worse.So winter is a critical period for environmental governance.

2018, more serious year of environmental governance compared with 2017.Production limitation has already begun recently because it’s autumn now. The price of raw material is starting to rise. And the supply is not adequate to the demand of raw material. Recently, a very popular saying “Even if you are rich, you can not buy the goods. If autumn comes, can winter be far behind? As I said, winter is a critical period for environmental governance. So production limitation will get worse in winter. Then the price will be rising crazily during that time.

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Price rising

Price rising


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