Differences between forged flange and cast flange

Forged flanges and cast flanges are both commonly used flanges,but they are different.

What are the differences between the forged flange and casting flange?

The answer is the performance different between forged flange and cast flange.When forging,the organization of the materials will be high internal pressure and defects will disappear and density increase,make the internal organization of more uniform.At the same time,it makes the continuous mechanical properties improve greatly.The flanges must do heat treatment after forging.The forged flange has the higher production cost,but the lower carbon content,higher rust resistance,better seamline,intensive inner texture,and stronger mechanical property than the cast flange.The forging craft will not make the coarse or uneven-sized grains,so the crack caused by solidification will not happen on the forged flange.

Stainless steel SS316 weld neck flanges and slip on flanges

Stainless steel SS316 weld neck flanges and slip on flanges

Casting is a process in which a liquid metal is cast into a casting cavity adapted to the shape of the part, and after cooling solidification and finishing, a casting or blank having a predetermined shape, size and performance is obtained.The casting blank is nearly shaped to achieve machining-free or small-scale processing, which reduces costs and reduces production time to some extent. Casting flange is a commonly used flange process,which has the advantages of being able to produce more complicated shapes,high production efficiency and low production cost,and is suitable for medium and low pressure pipelines.The cast flange has the advantages,including the high machining preciseness,complex appearance,simple machining process,and low machining cost,but the obvious disadvantages,such as the apertures,cracks and impurity,as well as the poor seamline inside.For example,the cutting flange has the poorest seamline.

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