What should be paid attention to when welding flange pipe with neck?

Welding flange is a part of pipe to pipe connection, which is connected to pipe end. Connect the flange with two holes for welding. Seal with gasket. Welding flange is a kind of disk-shaped part, which is most common in pipeline engineering.

Different welding methods: fillet weld is used for the welding of flange pipe with neck, while circumferential weld is used for welding between flange with neck and pipe.

Different data: flange data of flat welding with neck is processed with thick ordinary steel plate as required, while flange data with neck butt welding is mainly made of forged steel parts.

welding flange pipe with neck

welding flange pipe with neck

Different nominal pressure: the nominal pressure of the flat welding flange with neck is 0.6 ~ 4.0Mpa, and the nominal pressure of the flange with neck is 1 ~ 25 MPa. The welds of butt welding flange and pipe with neck belong to class B weld, while the welds of flat welded flange and pipe joint belong to class C weld. The NDT after welding is different.

Different weld shape: the flat weld can not be detected by ray, but the butt weld can be detected by ray. Butt welding is used between flange and flange. The difference between a flat welding flange with a neck and a flat welding flange without a neck is that.

In the welding part of the pipeline, the welding flange with neck is more than that without neck welding flange. The flat welding flange without neck is also flat fillet weld, and the flange boss is also flat fillet welding. The welds with neck butt welding flange and nozzle belong to class B joint, while those with neck flat welding flange and nozzle belong to class C joint.

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