What is centering ring in spiral wound gasket?

To answer this question,you should know the components of the spiral wound gasket.There are three components in spiral wound gasket.

  • Outer Ring
  • Winding Material (Filler & Metal Strip)
  • Inner Ring/Centering Ring
spiral wound gaskets image

spiral wound gaskets image

You can see in the image spiral wound gasket. Many spiral wound gaskets for critical applications include an inner guide ring which also known as a centering ring, which gives the gasket a greater resistance to thermal shock and in the case of vacuum service prevent the filler material being sucked in. Inner rings should be used with spiral wound gaskets on male-and-female flanges, such as those found in heat-exchanger, shell, channel, and cover-flange joints.

spiral wound gaskets

spiral wound gaskets

Winding material is a thin metal strip that used to hold the filler material. Stainless steel grade 304, 316 and 321 are a popular material grade for the winding. Selection of the filler material is made based on the fluid service. Graphite, PTFE and ceramic material are well-known filler material that used with spiral wound gasket.

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