Unlocking the differences of weldolet, flangeolet, and lateral outlet in piping systems

In the world of piping systems, three different types of outlet fittings play a crucial role in connecting main pipelines with lateral branches. Meet weldolet, flangeolet, and lateral outlet – each offering distinct features and applications. Let’s explore their differences:

Outlet pipe fitting weldolets

Outlet pipe fitting weldolets


Weldolet is a welding-type outlet fitting that connects lateral branches to main pipelines through welding.

It shares the same diameter and wall thickness as the main pipeline, ensuring smooth fluid transition and reducing pressure loss.

Weldolets are ideal for high-pressure, high-temperature, and high-flow rate piping systems.

ASTM A182 F304 flangeolet

ASTM A182 F304 flangeolet


Flangeolet is an outlet fitting that connects lateral branches to main pipelines using flanges and bolts for fastening.

Its secured attachment to the flanges facilitates easy installation and dismantling, making it suitable for frequent replacements or maintenance scenarios.

Flangeolets are widely used in industries like chemical, petroleum, and natural gas projects.

Latrolet lateral outlet

Latrolet lateral outlet

Lateral Outlet:

Lateral Outlet features an angled lateral opening that connects lateral branches to main pipelines, forming an inclined angle.

It is suitable for situations with limited pipe layout or where flexible fluid guidance is required, allowing fluid direction changes in different angles.

Lateral Outlets find broad applications in chemical, water treatment, petroleum, and other engineering projects.

Weldolets are best suited for high-pressure, high-temperature, and high-flow rate piping systems. Flangeolets shine in scenarios requiring frequent replacements or maintenance. Lateral Outlets come into their own when dealing with limited layout space or the need for fluid guidance flexibility. By carefully selecting the appropriate outlet fitting based on specific pipeline design and application requirements, seamless operation and safety of the piping system can be ensured.

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