Types of non-metallic gaskets

There are many types of non-metallic gaskets,which can be divided into dozens of types according to the different use occasions,materials, etc.,to meet the needs of different mechanical use.The following are several common non-metallic gaskets.

(1) non asbestos gasket

Made of aramid fiber and rubber,it is a new environmental protection material.The highest heat resistance 450 °C,200°C ~ 300 °C,pressure from 100 to 130 bar.Commonly used in petroleum, chemical, food and machinery industries.

(2) asbestos gasket

It is made of asbestos fiber and rubber as the main raw materials,supplemented by rubber compounding agent and filling material,through multiple processes.Because it can cause cancer, are now replaced with asbestos-free materials.Temperature resistance up to 540°C,pressure 100~200bar,often used in oil,fuel,chemical and steam industries.

(3) teflon gasket

The temperature is -240°C~+270°C,among which the turgor teflon can reach up to 315°C and the pressure is 20~80bar.Commonly used for strong acid strong alkali,various organic solvents sealing occasions.

Graphite flange gaskets used in pipeline

Graphite flange gaskets used in pipeline

(4) graphite gasket

Temperature 450°C, pressure 140bar.It is often used in flanged joints of pipes, containers and other machines,suitable for steam,petroleum, chemical and other industries.

(5) ceramic fiber gasket

It is used for heat insulation of furnace structure,steel,smelting,electric power,burner,dryer and other kinds of equipment and sealing of high-temperature gas pipeline.

(6) rubber gasket

Rubber gasket with oil resistance,acid and alkali resistance,cold heat resistance,aging resistance and other properties,can be directly cut into various shapes of sealing gasket,widely used in medicine,electronics,chemical,antistatic,flame retardant,food and other industries.

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