SO RF BS4504 PN16 A105 Slip On Flange

Slip on flange,as the meaning of name,is a flange slipping on the pipe or fitting when connection.The pipe should be insert the flange inner bore,and leave a bit distance from the face of the flange to make sure it will not effect the sealing of two flanges.



Sealing Face of Slip On Flange:

The slip on flange is commonly supplied with the flat face (FF), raised face(RF),they are not used widely in high pressure conditions.In different standard for slip on flange,the dimensions of the flange and sealing face have a different technical data,it is necessary to confirm all the details to make sure the flange can match the joint with the pipe and another flange.Hebei Haihao Flange Factory has more than 30 years experience in slip on flange manufacturing.Welcome to contact us when you have any need about all kinds of slip on flange.