RMRS related certification

The customer’s requirement for these products is that they need to be certified by the classification society. Products need to be manufactured, inspected, tested and certified to detailed design standards and under the technical supervision of RMRS. We have previously exported goods with similar certification, have been contacted several times, and are fully capable of completing this required operation.

Swivel flange RTJ ASTM A694 F52

Swivel flange RTJ ASTM A694 F52

Manufacturing process:

All technical specifications of product manufacturing technology are agreed with RMRS. The technical specification of the manufacturing process shall include a brief description of the manufacturing procedures performed to ensure that the piping meets all requirements of the relevant technical specification, such as the design and approval of drawings.

Product inspection and testing links:

All inspection and testing procedures are in compliance with the RMRS and the plan should be coordinated with the RMRS. All forgings and test rings undergo NDT after final heat treatment and finishing. All types of NDT procedures should be sent to the Contractor and RMRS for review and approval prior to commencing work.

Certification link:

Products supplied are manufactured under the technical supervision of RMRS, have an RMRS Certificate of Conformity and meet the requirements of an RMRS approved technical file.

After we discussed with the customer, the customer agreed that we would complete the project together with the Chinese branch of the Russian Classification Society. They expressed their full trust in our technical capabilities and would pay us the inspection fee together.


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