Receive ASME B16.47 flange purchase orders from Indian customers and arrange production

After continuous follow-up and communication, we received the purchase order from the Indian customer. The order product is 63pcs large size stainless steel butt welding flanges in accordance with ASME B16.47 .

Since the delivery time required by the customer is very short, we arranged production immediately after receiving the bank slip from the customer. In order to deliver the goods on time, the factory overcame some difficulties. Sometimes the workers would work overtime at night. It paid off and we finished the production within the delivery time.

Outer diameter measurement of ASME B16.47 large size flange

Outer diameter measurement of ASME B16.47 large size flange

After the completion of production, the factory’s quality inspection personnel first arranged the inspection.

The factory quality inspector measured the data of flange outer diameter, inner diameter, thickness, center distance and so on, and all the data were in line with the standard requirements. We send the monitoring data to the customer, who is satisfied with our quality and the service of the factory and will arrange a third party for inspection.

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