Operating principle of pressure vessel flange

What is a pressure vessel flange?

Pressure vessel flange is a common connection part of pressure vessel,and it is the basic component connecting various pressure vessel parts and pipelines.Pressure vessel flange is widely used in petrochemical,electric power,atomic energy,light industry and other modern industrial fields.The flange of high pressure vessel is a set of components,including flange,gasket,matching studs and nuts. The function of flange is to ensure that the connection parts do not leak, so that different vessels or pipes are combined together.

Large caliber flat flanges used for wind power industry

Large caliber flat flanges used for wind power industry

Operating principle of pressure vessel flange: the overall sealing performance is the priority factor in the design and selection of vessel flange. When the flange bolts are tightened, the bolt pressure compresses the gasket through the flange ring, and the pressure forces the gasket to produce compression deformation. With the increase of bolt force, the flange sealing surface and sealing gasket are closely combined to prevent the leakage of fluid medium and create the initial sealing environment.

At this time, the pressing force is called the initial sealing specific pressure of sealing gasket. When the pressure vessel or pipeline is loaded with medium, the bolt is stretched by pressure and becomes longer, the flange sealing surface moves along the direction of separation, the compression force between the sealing surface and the sealing gasket decreases, and the specific pressure of the pre tightening seal decreases. At this time, the qualified sealing gasket has good resilience, which can make up for the separation degree of bolt and sealing surface, and make the pre tightening sealing specific pressure drop within the specified range of working sealing specific pressure,so that the flange can still maintain a good sealing working state. On the contrary, if the rebound capacity of gasket is insufficient, the specific pressure of seal drops below the specific pressure range of working seal, or there is a gap on the sealing surface, the seal fails.

SS316 RTJ Blind Flanges

SS316 RTJ Blind Flanges

In the next article, we will talk about the factors that affect the sealing effect of the pressure vessel flange. If you have similar questions,you can pay more attention to Hebei Haihao Group’s website,we will do some short knowledge explanations of flange from time to time.Email:sales@haihaogroup.com


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