Introduction to swivel flange

Swivel flange is a flange that can be adjusted in real time during installation. It is usually composed of two concentric or coaxial parts, which are usually called flange inner ring and flange outer ring. The flange outer ring usually has bolt holes for fastening the connection, while the flange inner ring usually needs to be welded to the pipe to be connected. The outer ring of the swivel flange allows 360° rotation centered on the inner ring for quick alignment of the bolt hole with the standard flange to match.

Swivel flange RTJ ASTM A694 F52

Swivel flange RTJ ASTM A694 F52

The counterpart of a swivel flange is a non-swivel flange (a fixed flange), usually consisting of a single workpiece. Once a non-rotating flange is welded to the pipe, the position of the threaded hole used to fasten the joint is fixed and the Angle cannot be adjusted along the circumferential direction of the flange. But the swivel flange can solve this problem well. When the installation is not completed, the rotating flange can adjust the flange outer ring in real time along its circumferential direction, so that the bolt hole on the rotating flange outer ring is aligned with the bolt hole on the flange to be connected, so as to penetrate and tighten the bolt, the flange can no longer rotate. Therefore, swivel flanges are often used to facilitate the alignment of bolt holes between two mating flanges, such as installation of large diameter pipelines, subsea or offshore pipelines, and similar environments. Suitable for oil, gas, hydrocarbons, water, chemicals and other demanding fluids in petrochemical and water management applications.

Swivel flanges can be used for all ordinary flanges standard shape flanges, a complete range of sizes and pressures. Some of the main standards for swivel ring flanges are ASME or ANSI, DIN, BS, EN, ISO, with the most popular standards for petrochemical applications being ANSI or ASME B16.5 or ASME B16.47. Haihao group can produce carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel swivel flange according to customer demand, welcome new and old customers to come to buy!


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