Introduction of Kammprofile Gasket 

One of our regular UK customers purchased one item of KAMMPROFILE GASKET when purchasing an order of spiral wound gaskets.

First, we will introduce the KAMMPROFILE GASKET, which belongs to a metal composite gasket. According to different media and working conditions, flexible graphite, PTFE, non-asbestos or other soft metals can be selected and pasted on the two sides of the gasket. Take advantage of the sealing property of the soft covering layers and the strength and elasticity of the metal to achieve a better sealing effect. In most cases, graphite is used as the sealing layer. When the medium reacts with graphite or requires a clean environment, we suggest to choose expanded tetrafluoroethylene as the adhesive layer. Generally, a good sealing effect can be achieved without a large pressing force.

Kammprofile Gaskets

Kammprofile Gaskets

The kammprofile gasket can also be used directly without covering the sealing layer, and can also achieve good sealing effect, but it is easy to damage the surface of the flange in high-pressure situations. Therefore, the roughness of the sealing surface is generally required to be Ra1.6um or more. 

The structure types of metal kammprofile gaskets include basic type, outer ring type, inner ring type and inner and outer ring type. The more common structure is basic type.