Haihao Group provided Q355NE 6-metre wind power flanges to Jilin oilfield’s ang 550,000 kw wind power project

In a significant development at the construction site of the Ang 550,000 kw wind power project in Jilin Oilfield, China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) successfully hoisted the first turbine—the largest single-unit concentrated wind power project under construction and Jilin Oilfield’s inaugural new energy scale outbound project.

Situated within the boundaries of Qian Gorlos County, the Ang 550,000 kw wind power project encompasses 88 turbines, marking a symbolic endeavor for Jilin Oilfield to implement national green energy development policies. Aligned with the “Three-Part World” strategic goal, this project represents a landmark initiative for Jilin Oilfield’s green and low-carbon transformation and development.

Haihao Group takes pride in being a vital contributor to this groundbreaking project. We supplied Q355NE material and 6-meter diameter wind power flanges, demonstrating our commitment to providing top-notch materials for cutting-edge energy projects. We are delighted to witness the smooth progress of the project and eagerly anticipate making further contributions to wind power initiatives in the future.

Approved in October 2022, the project commenced at the beginning of this year, showcasing Jilin Oilfield’s innovative development philosophy.Jilin Oilfield adopts an innovative approach by integrating the efforts of the New Energy Business Unit, the Integrated Center, the New Energy Limited Company, and the New Energy Construction Project Management Department. This approach ensures comprehensive planning and coordinated supervision from project feasibility to grid-connected operation.

wind power flanges

wind power flanges

A total of 55 personnel from various participating units worked tirelessly in shifts, completing the foundation pouring for the first turbine in a continuous effort lasting 26 hours.

The project adheres to a robust management system with daily scheduling, weekly summaries, bi-weekly analyses, and monthly reviews. This “three-timely” mechanism ensures timely information sharing, decision-making, and issue resolution.

The project is on track for completion and expected to be fully operational by July next year, generating an annual green electricity output of 1.63 billion kwh. This achievement will undoubtedly position Jilin Oilfield as a new economic growth hub for high-quality development.

Haihao Group remains dedicated to driving progress in the field of renewable energy, and our collaboration with Jilin Oilfield exemplifies our commitment to sustainable and impactful contributions to the global energy landscape.