FPSO flange forging material requirements

As a large enterprise certified by the world’s five largest classification societies, Haihao Group has participated in the supply of several FPSO projects in recent years. Compared with general pipeline projects, the products used in FPSO have higher requirements on quality. In order to participate more in such projects, Haihao has been strictly following customer requirements for production.

ASTM A350 GR LF2 Weld Neck Flanges

ASTM A350 GR LF2 Weld Neck Flanges

In the FPSO project that Haihao participated in not long ago, the customer made specific specifications for the entire process of product production. The following are the customer’s specific requirements for flange forging materials:

1.The starting material for forgings can be cast billet, blum, long billet, flat billet, sheet (only for blind flanges) or rod.

2.The steel must be deoxygenated and produced in accordance with the fine-grained steel manufacturing technology.

3.The sheets used for making forgings must be free from defects.

4.The flanges should not be obtained by machining the bars.

5.A documented quality management system must be in place at steel and metal rolling plants that supply the material. The manufacturer must submit the proposed final chemical composition and product limits, including bucket sample analysis at the tender stage, for review and approval by the customer. The chemical composition requirements must be consistent with the applicable data sheet.

ASTM A105N Weld Neck Flanges

ASTM A105N Weld Neck Flanges

6.The chemical composition must comply with the applicable questionnaire Annex B.

7.For chemical compositions with a carbon content of < 0.12 %, the carbon equivalence should be determined and evaluated using the Pcm (Welding Crack Resistance Coefficient) parameter.

8.The use of repair welding is not allowed.

Haihao Group has its own strict quality inspection procedures. We fully recognize the customer’s requirements and issue relevant reports. After several visits, the customer also got an understanding of the strength of Haihao, and finally signed a supply contract of nearly 1000 tons with Haihao. Haihao was recognized by the customer again through its high-quality products and services.