China’s offshore engineering jacket construction capacity has leapfrogged

cc, setting a new record for the construction scale of offshore oil and gas facilities of CNPC. The jacket of this project is 255m high, 24000 tons in weight, and its working water depth is 240 meters, making it the third deep-water jacket in Asia and the second deep-water jacket under construction.

Lufeng 12-3WHP Asia's third deep-water jacket

Lufeng 12-3WHP Asia’s third deep-water jacket

Engineering and technical personnel have successively overcome six major difficulties, including high-altitude large-scale combined lifting and assembly, large wall thickness welding, and accuracy control, and achieved a major breakthrough in the construction capacity of PetroChina’s offshore oil and gas facilities. In the process of construction, faced with many major technical challenges such as the assembly of 800 tons of special-shaped parts at a height of 100 meters, engineers and technicians overcame key technical problems one by one, formulated a level 5 construction plan, regularly checked and analyzed the completion, and allocated tasks for the next three weeks in a rolling manner, reducing the construction period by nearly 20% compared with similar projects, and filling seven technical gaps.

Haihao Group

Haihao Group

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