ANSI B16.36 SS304 Orifice Flange

Orifice Flange is used to measure the flow rate of the liquids in a piping system,it could be water,gas or other liquids.The orifice flanges are usually used with the orifice plates or meters in the pipe joints.

Haihao Group manufacture orifice flange according to standard ANSI B16.36,our ANSI B16.36 orifice flange could be in many different types:ANSI B16.36 welding neck orifice flange,ANSI B16.36 slip on orifice flange,ANSI B16.36 threaded orifice flange.

1inch SS304 RF Welding Neck Orifice Flange

1inch SS304 RF Welding Neck Orifice Flange

The sealing face of ANSI B16.36 orifice flange could be Raised Face(RF Face),Ring Type Joint Face(RTJ Face).

The ANSI B13.36 orifice flange pressure in Haihao Group,which could be Class 300,Class 400,Class 600,Class 900,Class 1500,Class 2500.

We can manufacture the ANSI B16.36 orifice flange from 1inch to 24inch,when the sizes are more than 24″,we should use the MSS SP-44 as the standard.

The materials of ANSI B16.36 orifice flange contain:carbon steel(ASTM A105,SS400,P235GH,P250GH,C22.8,20#,16Mn etc),stainless steel(SS304,SS304L,SS316,SS321 etc),alloy steel(ASTM A694 F42,F46,F52,F60,F65,F70;A182 F5,F9,F91,F11,F12,F22 etc).


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